ZoLo – Weddings & Events Styling

ZoLo is a truly fabulous wedding service based right here in our lovely Isle!

“If you could be a wedding, what type would you be?”

Zoe from ZoLo – wedding stylist, event planner, list-lover and disorganised chaos orderer

Yet another full team initiative, we thoroughly enjoyed this fantastically joyful project.
Here’s what it involved…

First up was our brand discovery session. This enabled us to dive right into Zoe’s vision and passion.

Next, our in-house web and graphic designer, Cara, from CuckooPie Media set about creating a stunning new logo, as our copywriter, Jackie, from J Morrey-Grace Creative and Copywriter worked closely with Zoe to create the perfect text to capture her unique brand personality and her ‘all things wedding’ expertise.

Amore from Amoré du Plessis Photography then got to wave her photographic wand over a magical photo shoot.

Finally, working closely with Jackie and Amore, Cara created the perfect website to get Zoe all prepped for her super special LAUNCH! 💥


From planning your special day to styling the venue for you, ZoLo is a creative weddings and events company. Equipment and accessory hire is also an option if you have a creative streak and you’re looking to put it all together yourself.

Launch! had a lot of fun working on this project, and on behalf of all of us, we want to wish Zoe all the best in her exciting venture… oh! And you can check out her new website right here…

You can also find ZoLo here:
Facebook: ZoLo
Also, if you would love your project to go off with the bang it deserves, drop us an email at hello@launchiom.com