These photographs are from a pre-official Launch! project between Amoré and our fantastic web design and graphics expert, Cara at CuckooPie Media

The featured couple are the lovely Lisa & Lukas Burri, the founders and two Bs behind BetterBe
If you haven’t come across them before, read on!
As well as being life partners, Lisa and Lukas are working professionals in nutrition and wellbeing. They are also great believers in empowering people (and the planet) to thrive rather than just survive and this is the precise inspiration that led them to taking their 20 years of shared experience and turning their ideals into inspirational ideas, services and advice that everyone can benefit from.

As part of this, BetterBe is not just a growing provider of sustainable health services. Lisa and Lukas believe it’s a mantra and a movement that can help us all connect to a better way of life where everybody wins.

BetterBe currently offer a range of consulting services, these include helping companies and their teams take health and nutrition into their own hands. In doing so, BetterBe promote ways that make everyone and the planet feel that little bit better

Join BetterBe on their journey to taking health, life and the world to where it better be – and remember to check out their website too!

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