Cloaie House Luxury B&B

Cloaie House Boutique B & B is a stunningly spacious and luxurious B & B in the Isle of Man. It is owned and run by retired business professionals, Sheila and Jonny Dean.

The Launch! remit:

Sheila and Jonny share a passion for both hospitality and their beautiful home. It was this that led to their decision to open their doors to the public. What this also means, is this project is full of heart and passion.

What Sheila and Jonny therefore most needed when they approached Launch! were two things.

Firstly, an easy to work with marketing team. Secondly, professionals who they could trust to care as much about their project as they did. Cloaie House is their home after all. It was therefore essential that their brand DNA was completely in harmony with their vision.

The creative branding process:

To begin with, Sheila worked closely with Launch! designer, Cara Corlett, to create Cloaie House’s fabulous logo. This is simple, elegant and opulent – a direct reflection of the project’s personality.

Next, the logo was incorporated into web design and other media. This included social media – also set up by Launch!

After this, Sheila and Jonny had a discovery session at Cloaie House with Launch! copywriter, Jackie Morrey-Grace. This enabled Jackie to fully explore the project’s unique story in Jonny and Sheila’s own words, and in Cloaie House’s setting.

From this, Jackie was able to expertly express our clients’ passion for their project in both SEO and audience focused copy.

Finally, Jackie created a professionally worded social media launch post to announce the project. To date this has received 87 shares and almost 18,000 views.



Having recently fully renovated our home into a luxury B & B we already had a strong vision. We therefore wanted our branding to fully capture the luxurious ‘home from home’ uniqueness of what we are offering. Jackie and Cara from LAUNCH! have achieved just this and we couldn’t be happier! Cara’s website and logo designs are simply stunning, and Jackie’s words capture our story perfectly. LAUNCH! were also lovely to work with and we’re just thrilled at how they’ve brought our vision to life. The response we have had since we launched has been phenomenal and beyond anything we could have hoped!  

Sheila and Jonny Dean, Cloaie House – Luxury B&B